Karyn won! She is a great example for everyone

Chesapeakeman Endurance Festival was a 2.4-mile, jellyfish swim with plenty of stings for everyone, 112-mile bike ride with headwinds up to about 25 mph for most of the ride, and oh yes, a 26.2 mile run, which ended with a torrential downpour. The course dealt every obstacle possible, but the race was well supported. I

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My friend Karyn‘s story

Age is just a number…easy to say, hard to prove… My friend Karyn‘s story This is very inspiring story about a changing a life. We are getting older and not everyone is able to take care about themselves. That is the main reason to stay active, do not lose strength, balance and stamina. Because we

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Practical dietary strategies

You can look better, feel better and have more energy if you consume nutritionally balanced meals and snacks. Simply replace junk food with fruits and vegetables. These good sources of protein and carbs are vital to looking and feeling better! Dieting, if you are an active person, doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself or

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20 dobrých důvodů proč cvičit

Každý z nás se chce cítit dobře, mít spoustu energie, dobře spát a užívat radosti života. To, jak se o sebe staráme, odráží, jak se cítíme a kolik máme energie a síly do života. Vždy máme na výběr a podle toho, co zvolíme, se cítíme: Cvičit – válet se, zdravě jíst – jíst nězdravě, kouřit

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Rubriky novinek

Potřebujete poradit?

Chcete začít cvičit a nevíte jak začít? Neváhejte a kontaktujte mě, prokonzultujeme Vaši situaci a jistě najdeme vhodné řešení právě pro Vás.

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  • Total body workout 
#balance #trxworkout
#challenging #bosupushups
  • Hi fitness warriors, try out  this workout @glowfitpraha
Lateral Bech /Box Push Off
Twist on Physioball
Modified Burpee Progressions
Pullover with Physioball Leg Curl
1 Leg Squat Jump with  DB Press
INVERTED Row with Equalizers
Each exercises 3x 15 reps

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