Karyn won! She is a great example for everyone

Karyn StricklerChesapeakeman Endurance Festival was a 2.4-mile, jellyfish swim with plenty of stings for everyone, 112-mile bike ride with headwinds up to about 25 mph for most of the ride, and oh yes, a 26.2 mile run, which ended with a torrential downpour. The course dealt every obstacle possible, but the race was well supported. I had decided that if I walked the last 4 miles of the marathon, I could still finish by the cut-off and realize my dream. I was 3 miles away from the finish line, walking and running, in a driving rain. I was getting cold on a pitch-black road. So I started running again. In the end, I went faster than any other point in the marathon with a wicked tailwind propelling me faster than I even wanted to go. As I crossed the finish line, the race director came up to me with a microphone and said, „Karyn, age is…“ And I yelled „Just a number.“ I took first place in my age group at Chesapeakeman, my first attempt at an Ironman-distance race. I am proud to be an Ironman!!